Error getting hdfs block distribution - suspicious path

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Error getting hdfs block distribution - suspicious path

jeff saremi
We're seeing errors like these in our master logs. The problem is manifested on the master-status page in section "Regions in Transition" in the following form (in red):

4498c6d15d8b92f0519de59853d76992      ImageFeaturesTable,fa/mKp,1496337620103.4498c6d15d8b92f0519de59853d76992. state=FAILED_OPEN, ts=Tue Jun 06 13:54:26 PDT 2017 (4253s ago), server=co4aap71d094619,16020,1496782457320      4253018

Then in the logs we see entries like this:

2017-06-06 13:54:15,415 WARN  [ProcedureExecutor-28] regionserver.HRegion: Error getting hdfs block distribution for hdfs://NameNode3-VIP.Yarn-Prod-CO4.CO4.ap.gbl/hbase/MaltaData/data/default/ImageFeaturesTable/9af0e6227720802390dc58a2caaea6f1/info/c56295eb2a5f4811ba330de423b0fb69.ac7dd8c2274ed24f082edfdd36eaf2de-hdfs://NameNode3-VIP.Yarn-Prod-CO4.CO4.ap.gbl/hbase/MaltaData/data/default/ImageFeaturesTable/ac7dd8c2274ed24f082edfdd36eaf2de/info/c56295eb2a5f4811ba330de423b0fb69-bottom

Looking at the path in this message, it looks like 2 hdfs paths are concatenated. What do you make of that?

We're using hbase 1.2.5.